Brisket Navel Freedown Hills Wagyu


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If you like the idea of UK Wagyu Brisket with awesome marbling throughout, these Freedown Hills Wagyu Navel End Briskets are super little pieces ideal for a home cook. As they’re navel ends they’ve got a thin edge to them but it’s amazing how the cut changes shape during the cook as it plumps up nicely.

This beef is of excellent quality and marbled as we would expect. With lots of that beautifully soft buttery fat enhanced by the rich Olive feed diet these Briskets really are up there as some of the best, certainly in the UK anyway!


  • UK Produced F1 Wagyu
  • Olive Fed Beef
  • Butchered, graded and packed to ensure quality first and foremost
  • Professionally blast frozen to lock in the the freshness