Brisket Point End Freedown Hills Wagyu

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These really are a fabulous product.. UK produced Olive Fed Wagyu Point End Briskets. Hey, they’re a bit scrappy like a lot of the produce we see from UK meat factories but that’s what we’re up against and shouldn’t be taken negatively against the quality of the meat itself. The one in the photo here is exactly as it was when removed from the packaging for the test cook. The fat between the two muscles of the point end has been well removed so really there’s very little in the way of trimming to be done. My initial thoughts were that the meat seemed thin, quite like the Navel Ends from the same kind, but again I was delighted at the way the muscles puffed up during the cook. Summing up, these are brilliant. The cooked product was as tender as could be, the sizes are superb for smaller cooks without having tons of leftovers and the trimming waste is virtually nothing. Thumbs up from me for sure!


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