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Cabrito Goat Shoulder Diced Bone In


Cabrito Goat Shoulder Diced Bone In £10.58£11.17
Gluten Free
Gluten Free


Here we have diced the main parts of the shoulder to produce these decent sized chunks of various muscles that are each attached to bone. These are prepared and recommended for slow cooks, stew recipes and curries where the meat is cooked till almost falling off the bone. Probably the easiest  to use and most sought after cut of all when it comes to International goat dishes. After a nice marinade, spiced and slowly cooked over several hours to release all that on the bone flavour, what we’re left with is quite simple.. Meaty nuggets of joy!


The Cabrito Goat is renowned for its full flavoured meat and interestingly the most widely used meat in the world! Goat isn’t overly popular in the UK probably because it favours a different palate to that of famous British cuisine.

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