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Chicken Thighs UK Enhance Welfare


UK – Enhanced Welfare

Chicken Thighs UK Enhance Welfare £4.55£8.13
Gluten Free
Gluten Free


Specially selected Chicken Thighs with the bone in – from British, high welfare Chickens. All professionally Butchered by hand and cut to suit the Barbecue enthusiast. Each Thigh is carefully and cut to a professional standard, ideal for competition practice if you fancy the challenge. Can you cook and pass the bite test? Get these right and you’ll probably never eat any other Chicken!


Each pack contains 6 x Chicken Thighs – all graded so the they’re of much the same weights in each pack.

  • Premium Grade – Produce of the UK
  • High Welfare
  • Hand Selected for quality, flavour and freshness
  • All vacuum packed in various weights
  • Blast frozen super quickly to lock in the freshness
  • Thaw easily and quickly
  • Top Quality Chicken delivered direct to your door

Product Supplied Frozen


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