Davidsons Deluxe – Bronze Free-Range Turkey Crown


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Supplied FRESH for Christmas..

Collection in-store option will be available from 21st to 24th December.

IMPORTANT, Please note: Due to the nature of this Seasonal item we can only supply by mail order to customers requiring a delivery service, despatching 20th & 21st December with delivery 21st – 22nd of December. Please be mindful that you may be in a two day delivery service area and due to extreme pressures your order may be delivered on the day after the day you have requested.

Collection in-store option will be available from 21st to 24th December.

Davidsons are renowned for supplying the finest Turkey in the UK. Each Davidsons Deluxe Turkey Crown comes in a beautiful presentation box, and we include the carcass stock bones, legs and giblets (packed separately) together with full cooking instructions and a pop-up cooking timer. So no matter what your culinary skills are, you have everything you need to ensure a perfect turkey cooking experience this Christmas.

White meat servings:

5Kg Whole Bird (Crowned) = serves 8

6Kg Whole Bird (Crowned) = serves 10

7Kg Whole Bird (Crowned) = serves 12

8Kg Whole Bird (Crowned) = serves 14

9Kg Whole Bird (Crowned) = serves 16

10K Whole Bird (Crowned) = serves 18


Here at John Davidsons we have always been particular about our turkeys.

Having worked alongside some of the best turkey farmers in the country, our combined efforts of lifetime knowledge and timeless passion for quality & service have at last joined forces to launch our own, very special turkeys.

Our ‘Free Range Bronze’ turkeys are slow-grown to full maturity in the heart of the Berkshire Downs by one of the UK’s leading turkey farmers. This confidently assures us that this year, like every other, our turkeys will be…

“birds of outstanding beauty”

  • Davidsons Deluxe Free-range Bronze, Bone-in Crown, (White Meat on the Bone) freshly cut from the Whole Bird
  • Comes with all bones, trimmings and legs (packed separately) ideal for amazing gravy and perhaps a Boxing Day Curry or Turkey Broth!
  • Slow grown to full maturity
  • Full flavoured – Game hung
  • Clear provenance
  • Produced to the highest welfare standards
  • Moist, Tender & Juicy
  • FREE pop-up cooking timer and cooking instructions
  • Also available as Whole Bird un-cut.