Diced / Cubed A4 Japanese Wagyu

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What we have here are some of the smaller off-cuts from the large steak muscles we Butcher onsite. Only the decent sized chunks are cubed to produce this diced Wagyu of exceptional quality. The quality of the product, although not for steaks would be suitable for making your own kebabs as well as the a traditional stew type recipes.


This wonderful rare beef is from Japanese Black Cattle, Wagyu of exceptional quality, raised on the tropical Kyushu Island in the Kagoshima prefecture, Southern Japan. The World class Kagoshima Wagyu beef we are cutting here is currently known for being the Winner of the “Wagyu Olympics”, the Best Beef in Japan. The plethora of soft, buttery, intricate marbling throughout each cut is quite simply extraordinary and nothing short of mesmerising. The fat of this Wagyu is nothing like any other with its low temperature melting point that makes for the most sensational of dining experiences.