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Fillet Tails


Fillet Tails £10.50£17.10
Gluten Free
Gluten Free


Cut from the end of the luxurious Beef fillet, these great value Fillet Tails are tender, succulent and exceptionally versatile. Either cut into medallions, strips or cubes, all they need is a light fry up and seasoned… Hey presto!

**We’ve just added some Fillet Chunks we produced recently as an option. These are quite simply just pieces of Fillet of various sizes and great for a Stroganoff or quick fry up with just a bit of seasoning. Alternatively, these will be great for producing super tender, quick cook kebabs. If you want the quality but not fussed about the pieces then these are great. I know, up till now I used to take these home. So easy and so good!

Butchers Classic Selection

For our ‘Butchers Classic Selection’ we go to great lengths to procure the finest produce we can. For the Classic Selection we only source from a few specifically selected, high quality meat suppliers from around Scotland, the wider UK and Ireland. This extensive supply grants us access to higher volumes of the finest speciality and rare breed specific meat, year round.


  • 100% Lean Beef Fillet Tails
  • Ideal for Beef Stroganoff
  • Cut into medallions for luxurious mini steaks
  • Great for the Fondue or Raclette

Product Supplied Frozen