Hanger Steak / Onglet Freedown Hills Wagyu


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Now we love the deep beefy flavours of the Hanger Steak or Onglet as it’s often known by. The heavily grained muscle in this cut of Olive fed Wagyu holds some beautiful fat marbling that intertwines between the fibres creating the most deliciously tender and juicy steak.

We always recommend cooking these steak to rare due to the type of muscle it is, cooking to well done will toughen up and dry the steak. Over flames in the barbecue or even go dirty ‘straight on the coals’ for something special. This cut like all others should be well rested ofter cooking then sliced and seasoned to your taste before serving, and for an accompaniment, we like it on its own with a simple Chimichurri to liven it up a bit!


  • UK Produced F1 Wagyu
  • Olive Fed Beef
  • Packed as two pieces per pack
  • Butchered, graded and packed by masters of the trade
  • Professionally blast frozen to lock in the the freshness
  • 1 -2 Steaks per pack