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Deckle of Jacks Creek Black Angus


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Jacks Creek Black Angus Deckle Cut, offers an unparalleled flavour experience that oozes promise, the Brisket lovers ‘hidden gem’. The Deckle Cut, also known as the point cut, is the highly marbled, flavorful muscle that sits next to the underside of the brisket. The deckle muscle is characterised by its generous marbling, which means it has a high fat content interspersed with the muscle fibers. This marbling contributes to its rich, beefy flavour, making it a prized cut among chefs and meat enthusiasts who know how to get the best from this little known cut. Renowned for its rich, buttery taste and tender texture when fully cooked, this cut is perfect for those seeking a luxurious beef experience. The Deckle’s intense marbling makes it an exceptional choice for  slow cooking methods.

For an extraordinary slow-cooked meal, try them Brisket style, using your normal traditional method, or as I’ve recently found – the Deckle is a great size for a small cook in Ninja Woodfire grill. The slow cooking process allows the flavours to develop fully, resulting in a tender and mouthwatering dish.


Sourced from Jacks Creek’s award-winning Black Angus cattle, raised on the lush pastures of Australia, these cattle are renowned for their superior genetics and exceptional meat quality. Jacks Creek is committed to sustainable farming practices, ensuring that you enjoy a product that is not only delicious but also ethically produced.

  • Packed – 2 x Deckle’s per pack

Product Supplied Frozen

Cooking Tips

For the perfect barbecue, season the Deckle Cut with your favorite spices and go low and slow. For a slow-cooked masterpiece, season the Deckle Cut generously and cook it low and slow in the Ninja Woodfire oven or by your usual smoking method, allowing the meat to become incredibly tender and rich in flavor.

Personal recommendations:

Having cooked a few of these now, I’ve found them perfect for smaller meals at home. For those times when you crave smoked brisket but don’t want to be eating it four meals a day for a week, the deckle cut is ideal. Recently, I discovered that the Ninja Woodfire grill produces a lovely Deckle cook.

Using cherry wood pellets for 1.5 hours provided enough smoke for the meat, followed by cooking in a foil boat method at 130ºC for a further 2-3 hours until the meat was tender. I allowed the deckle to rest for half an hour before slicing and can comfortably admit, it was absolutely delicious. I mean we’re talking something close to Brisket cooked in record time… Awesome!!!


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