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Veal Onglet Hanger Steak


Veal Onglet Hanger Steak £16.23£17.70
Gluten Free
Gluten Free


The Veal Hanger Steak or Onglet as some would recognise is a wonderful cut, full of flavour. When cooked to rare and cut across the grain it beautifully soft and juicy with a bit of bite. These are a new Veal product  that we’ve never seen on the market before – so just had to try them. What a success! Obviously being veal they’re quite lean and much smaller than the beef equivalent but lightly seasoned and quickly cooked these came out lovely.

The Thick Skirt muscle has a thick gristle with the Hanger Steaks off to each side of this. In beef we would trim this out but due to the smaller size and insignificance of the gristle within the veal option we chose to leave the muscle intact. After the cook and resting period slice from the thin end and the thickest part of the gristle is easily nipped out when you get to it with minimal waste.


Vacuum packed, approx 3 cuts per pack and professionally blast frozen.

Product Supplied Frozen


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