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Jacks Creek Pure Blood Wagyu Brisket


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Gluten Free
Gluten Free


We absolutely love Jacks Creek beef and we know these Pure Blood Wagyu full-packer style Briskets very well. These are the purest form of Wagyu bloodline cattle Jacks Creek produce.  The exceptional marbling, results in meat that’s incredibly tender with lovely flavour and juicy as can be. Just amazing.

When it comes to smoking these Briskets, Wagyu takes the experience to another level. The infusion of smoke adds depth to the already rich Wagyu flavour, creating a delicious combination. Whether you decide to trim the fat down a bit on them before smoking or leave them as they are, you’re in for a treat. And don’t forget about the Wagyu tallow being perfect for drizzling over the finished brisket to enhance its flavour further – and keep what’s left for cooking with later. Have you tried Yorkshire Puddings made with rendered tallow? “I’ll leave it with you” With smoked Wagyu brisket, every bite is a delightful experience that doesn’t disappoint. From the crispy thinner edges to the plump juicy Point end, every part leaves you longing for more and that’s what makes them so good.


The Yellow label Jacks Creek Wagyu Briskets are as they say – Pure Wagyu bloodlines with no crossbreeding. This is very high quality beef that’s been finished for 500+ days on a highly nutritious grain based diet that encourages the incredible marbling and forthcoming gastronomic experience like no other. Sweet dreams are made of these.

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