Kansas City Steak / Bone in Sirloin of Scotch Beef

Scottish Beef Sirloin on the Bone

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These Prime Scottish Kansas City Steaks or Bone-in Sirloin Steaks are taken from locally produced Heritage breeds. The Beef is hand selected Scotch Beef with higher fat marbling which is then Dry Aged to increase the deep concentrated flavours and tenderness. With our Kansas City Steak you get all the qualities of a Sirloin Steak, but with an extra twist. We've left it on the bone to ensure maximum succulence with the full dry-aged flavour our steaks are known for...


The Bennachie Scottish Quality brand is Exclusive to John Davidsons. Created to recognise the the finest locally produced meat Scotland has to offer, each piece of meat is meticulously graded for quality, traditionally aged in our Himalayan Salt ageing chambers and processed by our professional team of professional Craft Butchers.

    • Prime heritage Scotch Beef
    • Flavoursome Sirloin on the bone
    • Extra Matured, Dry-Aged
    • Ideal for Grilling or Barbecue
    • Individually Vacuum Packed and Blast frozen to lock in the freshness
    • We only pack these when they reach perfect maturity, taste and tenderness