Mealie Pudding Skirlie


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Mealie Pudding Skirlie
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Gluten Free
Gluten Free
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Our traditional North East Scotland Mealie Pudding recipe dates back over 100 years and it’s never changed! Whether you’re having Mince and Potatoes with rich thick gravy, tender Stewed Steak, a roast Chicken on Sunday or Turkey at Christmas you need some of this on your plate! All hand-made using locally sourced, certified Gluten Free Oats. Not to be mistaken for a White Pudding


“Mealie Pudding” or “White Pudding?” ~ Know the difference?, Let’s clarify..

Mealie Puddings are a very Scottish, North East product. Unlike White Puddings that are known throughout the UK

So here’s the beef on what’s what. The “Mealie Puddings” are all hand made and produced by filling plastic skins for simplicity which should be removed before cooking. The Mealie Puddings can be either heated slowly on the hob, allowing time for the fat to melt before turning the heat up or simply microwaved on a high heat. This will produce a loose, spicy “Skirlie” as we call it, and should be a bit crispy. Whereas a “White Pudding is generally softer with a bit of stodge about it.

“White Puddings” are basically the same recipe as the “Mealie Puddings” but a small amount of water is added to bind the mix before being filled by hand into natural casings. The water makes them stable, allowing them to be battered and still keep their shape.

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  • Traditional Hand-made Mealie Pudding
  • Ideal for using as stuffing
  • GLUTEN FREE ~ certified
  • Will keep frozen and can cook from frozen
  • 240g+ Pack (Pack of 2)

Product Supplied Frozen



Ingredients : Oatmeal (Gluten Free), beef suet, salt, pepper, onion.


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