Kurobuta / Duke of Berkshire Pork Belly

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These large Whole and Half Bellies from the Duke of Berkshire or Kurobuta Pig have been produced in Belgium by our chosen specialist breeder. The bellies are square cut with the fattest tail part being removed prior to the bellies being split into two parts. The Belly pieces are sold as is, with the skin left on and is not scored. You can easily score the skin should you wish by simply setting a Stanley or Craft Knife to about 4mm and pulling the blade through the skin with just enough pressure to make the cut. Personally, I like to cook this cut in its entirety, let the skin bubble, crackle and crisp then bash it into pieces when ready to cut. We’re big pork belly lovers and I can only praise how excellent this pork is… when all you need is salt!


Often referred to as Kurobuta Pork, the Duke of Berkshire Pig is recognised throughout the world as one of the best. The unique succulence, tenderness and flavour is achieved by beautiful dense marbling we see running through the soft muscles. The Duke of Berkshire is steeped in English history where it descends from Queen Victoria’s prized boar named “Ace of Spades” The breed can be found in pockets around the world today where it is more recognised as Kurobuta Pork. Being highly prized in Japan and the US where it’s sought by professional meat connoisseurs and gourmands seeking out the finest of speciality meats, the resurgence in this once ‘little heard of’ breeds future is looking rather bright!

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