Iberico Pluma


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Gluten Free
Gluten Free


I can’t say say I like this cut… I LOVE it! The intensity of fat marbling throughout the muscle is fantastic, when cooked right it’s an absolute sensation. Soft, juicy and full flavoured and all you need is salt and pepper.

Harvested from what is known as the “Wagyu” of Pork, primarily the Iberian Black pigs that forage in the Andalusian Mountains of Spain gorging themselves on the fruits of the Acorn trees that impart a lovely nuttiness throughout the pork. These pigs are large and carry a lot of fat from their rich diet. The fat is well developed throughout the muscles giving them a real depth of flavour and beautifully succulent tender pork when cooked.


  • Authentic Spanish Iberian Black Pig
  • Widely recognised as the some of the best pork in the world
  • Selected for flavour and quality
  • Blast frozen to lock in the freshness

Product Supplied Frozen

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