Matilda’s Organic Chicken


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This isn’t regular chicken, this is locally produced organically reared superior Chicken, specially produced for John Davidsons and their most discerning of customers.. Matilda’s Organic Chicken is produced on Haulkerton Farm, Laurencekirk which in general terms “Isn’t too far away”. Not only Chicken producers, Haulkerton Farm is well known to us for producing our certified Gluten Free Oatmeal too.

It’s rare to come across such a high quality product literally on your doorstep, so we’re confident these Chickens will become a key product line going forward which we look forward to supporting for years to come.


These Chickens are blast frozen as soon as we take delivery of them while in perfect condition. This ensures they stay at their optimum freshest quality at all times. When thawing we recommend to do this over 48 hours in a fridge then cooked within 72 hours of being removed from the freezer.

Do not over cook the Chicken, cook to a temperature of 75ºC in the deepest muscles and allow the bird time to rest for 30 minutes prior carving. This will ensure the most succulent, juicy Chicken you’ve ever had.

Once you’ve carved up the chicken, pick what meat you can from the carcass and use the carcass for stock along with any juices left in roasting dish. This stock will make the most amazing base for chicken soup on another level of tasty!