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Red Deer ~ Venison Loin Fillet Roast


Pan fry, Roast or a deluxe Game Wellington

Red Deer ~ Venison Loin Fillet Roast £22.31£86.06
Gluten Free
Gluten Free


This is our Red Deer Loin Fillet, a stunning boneless cut of Wild Scottish Venison, known for its leanness and tenderness. We carefully source our Wild Red Deer from Game Keepers, Estates, and Farms across Scotland, ensuring the authenticity of this exceptional venison, which possesses a more robust flavor compared to farmed alternatives. An excellent way to discover the excellence of our diverse product range.


  • Roast Whole or Cut into Noisettes
  • Ideal introduction to Venison
  • Genuinely Wild Venison
  • Scottish Red Deer Loin Fillet

Product Supplied Frozen