Roe Deer Venison Haunch Rolled Roast


Wild Scottish Venison

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Our Venison is all sourced in Scotland where we have an abundance of wild Scottish Game all around us. This Roe Deer is locally sourced from the Scottish Hills and Estates of the Lowlands, processed and delivered to us as whole carcass. After hanging for a week or so they’re cut and packed ready for sale.

This is Roe Deer Venison Haunch, “the best part”, completely de-boned and rolled into a simple to cook roast. We have removed all the bones and there’s not shank meat hidden within either which can be a bit strong from the Bucks. The Roe Deer is generally not as strong flavoured as the larger Red Deer we get from the Higher grounds but the texture of this meat is so soft it’s unbelievable! It is also rare to see this product in restaurants as it tends to be slightly more expensive than the more commonly used Red Deer. Is it worth the extra? I hear you say.. Damn right it is!