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Rack of Lamb


French Trimmed Perfection

Rack of Lamb £15.21£19.89
Gluten Free
Gluten Free


Introducing our exquisite French-Trimmed Rack of Lamb, expertly prepared to enhance its presentation and flavour. Carefully matured to perfection, this lamb rack delivers the exceptional taste and tenderness you’ve come to expect from Davidsons.

The French trimming technique showcases the elegant bone structure, making for a stunning presentation when roasted. Whether you prefer to roast it whole or savour it as individual cutlets, this rack of lamb is incredibly versatile and lends itself beautifully to small, intimate dinners.

With each bite, you’ll experience the succulent flavours that come from our dedication to quality. We take pride in offering a rack of lamb that embodies both excellence in taste and visual appeal, ensuring a truly memorable dining experience.


  • French Trimmed for Perfect Presentation
  • Fully Matured Lamb Rack
  • Roast whole or cut into cutlets

When possible these are produced from our locally sourced Scottish Lamb although we will use UK Lamb or from further afield if availability becomes problematic. Always ask if you want something specific, our retail stores will usually be able to fulfil your specific requirements.

Product Supplied Frozen


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