Ribeye Steak Freedown Hills Wagyu


UK Produced Wagyu

Ribeye Steak Freedown Hills Wagyu
Ribeye Steak Freedown Hills Wagyu £36.30
Gluten Free
Gluten Free


This here is the Freedown Hills branded Ribeye Steaks. Specifically produced in Yorkshire with a quality aimed at top end of the market, this is a product more often found in high class restaurants but now available here. This beef is of excellent quality, highly marbled as we would expect and with lots of that beautifully soft buttery fat enhanced by the rich Olive feed diet. This really is one of the best UK produced Wagyu Steaks we’ve had the pleasure experiencing!


  • UK Produced F1 Wagyu
  • Marble Score 5+ Olive Fed Beef
  • Butchered, graded and packed by masters of the trade
  • Professionally blast frozen to lock in the the freshness

Product Supplied Frozen


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