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Rump Roast


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Gluten Free
Gluten Free


One of our most desirable and highly sought-after cuts, the Rump roast – a true crowd-pleaser. This exquisite cut is versatile, suitable for both traditional roasting and a leisurely slow cooking approach. Expertly crafted from well-aged, full-flavoured beef, this luscious meat delivers a robust and savory taste that promises complete satisfaction.

The Rump stands apart, offering that classic roast beef flavour with a tenderness that sets it apart from other common cuts like Topside and Silverside. Its combination of flavor and tenderness makes the Rump Roast our top choice for roasts, providing outstanding value when compared to pricier steak-cut roasts.

If you’re in the mood for a different culinary adventure, consider transforming it into delectable steaks and threading them onto skewers for a quick and sizzling Argentinian-style grilling experience over blazing hot coals.

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Butchers Classic Selection

For our ‘Butchers Classic Selection’ we go to great lengths to procure the finest produce we can. For the Classic Selection we only source from a few specifically selected, high quality meat suppliers from around Scotland, the wider UK and Ireland. This extensive supply grants us access to higher volumes of the finest speciality and rare breed specific meat, year round.

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