Short Ribs Boneless ~ Chilean Wagyu


Mollendo Wagyu

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The Chilean, Mollendo Wagyu Boneless Short Ribs. I must say, being a little bit disappointed that the bones being missing from these short ribs was my initial thought… However, reminding myself not to judge a book by its cover, I had to give one these a quick cook up. “For quality control purposes of course” Well, what can I say… how bloody interesting that was! I hit them with a good smoke for maybe 3 hours or so then let them roll, to to the end. I was ready to wrap them as you tend to get a lot of protection with the bones, but these didn’t need it. Cooked fairly hot and indirect so the drippings from the fabulously marbled beef didn’t cause flare-ups this cut just loved the cook. The result, was a deeply smoked chunk of the most unbelievably tender juicy and not to mention tasty piece of meat that just fell apart. Success! and no bones.. who knew!?

“Before cooking I didn’t trim the fat from the back, well maybe a couple of chunky bits but the preference is to leave it on for protection so I can cook hotter and faster to encourage fat rendering then remove any unwanted excess fat after the cook”