Sirloin Steak Snake River Farms Wagyu Black Label


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These 'BLACK LABEL' Sirloin Steaks are of exceptional quality in every meaning of the word, with strong sustainability and recyclability values at the core of these world class industry pioneers. This is the World Famous, Snake River Farms Wagyu Beef, rarely seen in the UK. Adopting many aspects of the heritage-steeped Japanese feeding methods, the cattle are fed an all-natural, sustainable diet consisting of local Northwest ingredients, including Idaho potatoes, soft white wheat and alfalfa hay. Because they have the ability to deposit intramuscular marbling over time, the animals are on feed an average of three times longer than traditional U.S. commodity beef animals.

Snake River Farms American Wagyu Beef’s intense marbling is so rich the USDA grading scale simply can’t capture or convey its premium quality. So instead, a combination of the Japanese and U.S. grading systems has been developed for this Exceptional Beef.

Some of these Steaks are from what we call the Vein End of the Sirloin and have a small vein of gristle between the muscle group. I took one of these to try and OMG! I know now why its commonly referred to as the Butchers Steak, it was AMAZING!


  • Snake River Farms ~ BLACK Label, American Wagyu Beef.
  • Beef Marbling Score (BMS) 6-8
  • All-natural sustainable diet
  • Slow grown to full maturity
  • Consistent, deep intramuscular beef marbling