Veal Flank – Whole Blanket Flank

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This has got to be one of the best product I’ve ever cooked. The Veal Flank cooked Asado style over an open fire on the Asado Cross. I’ve had this many times now and find nothing quite compares. The theatre of the cook, the time spent tending the fire, the smell, the colours and ultimately the taste.. It’s amazing! Although we do many smaller sections of Veal Flanks, these are the entire Blanket Flank as we call them. The full rack of bones and the tail, hung on the cross they cook beautifully and the soft Wagyu like fat renders away beautifully. Weighing in at 12-14Kg each there is a fair amount of eating on them but get them right and invite all your friends, they’ll be blown away. There’s nothing quite like them.

Approx dimensions W: 450-500mm, L: 1000mm


The whole Blanket Flanks we have here are from what I believe to be the finest Italian White Veal in the World. Our suppliers at Gruppo Vercelli take great pride in what they produce. Not only is this evident in the quality of the meat they produce, it is documented right back to the farms where animal welfare is recognised as one of the most important factors of production alongside diet plans and vaccine management to process this world leading product to the highest global industry standards.

Product Supplied Frozen