Veal Flank


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Our annual Easter holiday to Tenerife with the whole family has been something we all looked forward to. 2020 brought us covid and our holiday was sadly cancelled, was the case for 2021 too. Not being ones to be put down, we decide to do “Tenerife at Home”.

A memorable highlight of our many trips to the Island was our regular evening walk up to the Churrasquería Rodeo Grill where we would feast on a fabulous array of skewered meat carved at the table. Having four boys who are all quite partial to a steak, they know how to eat meat, what’s good and what to ask for. The favourite was the Veal Flank, which incidentally never came out first when they saw us coming! So tender, juicy and like most Spanish meat it was well salted just enough to maximise the fantastic flavours of this meat.

Since then we’ve cooked Veal Flank, Asado style over burning embers on a metal cross many times. However – the latest delivery seems to have been got a little mixed up in translation so rather than being whole flanks we only got the rib ends. Must say, although smaller they are absolutely brilliant! There was a little runt amongst them that I didn’t see worthy of selling and decided to cook it off. I spiced it and hung with a meat hook slightly offset from the fire in a Pro Q. Three hours later the little thing was transformed into something that was actually stunning, tender and absolutely delicious!


These Veal Flanks are sourced from our trusted suppliers at ProViande, Holland. The veal is of super quality and certified to recognised ‘Better Leven’ welfare standards.