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Veal Ribeye


Veal Ribeye
Veal Ribeye £19.57£26.56
Gluten Free
Gluten Free


This is our Veal Ribeye Steak of Rosé Veal from Vitelco, Holland is of supreme quality and certified to ‘Better Leven’ welfare standards.

We use is Rose´ Veal, light pink in colour, wonderfully soft, juicy and delicately flavoured. As I’m not going to write some old nonsense about how good it is without having eaten it… I can tell you this, right now “these Ribeyes are one of my favourites of the moment” Having taken a couple of Ribeyesteaks home to cook and sample, I was nothing short of wowed at the product.


You can buy these fabulous Ribeyes as either whole pieces or steaks. We found about 180g for each steak to be the perfect size and seasoned well before cooking.

Our favourite seasonings were as follows:

  1. Salt & Pepper
  2. AO Garlic & Herb
  3. AO Montreal Steak for a little heat

Product Supplied Frozen