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Indulge in the exceptional quality of our 2GR Australian Briskets, a true epitome of premium beef. Sourced from the renowned 2GR Wagyu farm in Australia, these briskets are a testament to the exceptional care and commitment to quality that defines their production.

What sets these briskets apart is the unique combination of Wagyu genetics and the pristine Australian environment in which they are raised. Known for its rich marbling, our 2GR Australian Briskets boast an unparalleled tenderness and depth of flavour that elevates any culinary creation.

The Wagyu breed, renowned for its buttery texture and robust marbling, ensures that each bite is a symphony of succulence and savoury goodness. The Australian climate, with its open pastures and natural grazing, further enhances the meat’s distinct flavour profile, resulting in a brisket that is both tender and richly flavourful.

Ideal for slow cooking or smoking, these briskets are a chef’s dream, promising a melt-in-your-mouth experience that impresses even the most discerning palates. Whether you’re a seasoned barbecue enthusiast or a home cook seeking an extraordinary culinary adventure, our 2GR Australian Briskets deliver an unparalleled beef experience that stands out in both quality and taste.

Treat yourself to the excellence of 2GR Australian Briskets, and elevate your cooking to a new level of sophistication and flavour.


Internationally recognised as one of the greatest beef producers in the world, 2GR Wagyu is exceptional in all departments.


Product Supplied Frozen

Outstanding World Class Australian Heritage Wagyu from 2GR. These classic briskets are incredibly soft and of excellent quality. Rarely seen, never forgotten.

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