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Get ready to elevate your pork dishes to a whole new level with the all-new “Pork Privilege” rub, a creation born from the collaboration between the internationally acclaimed BBQ Pit Boys and the notorious Angus & Oink. “Pork Privilege” is more than just a seasoning; it’s a culinary revelation that promises to transform any cut of pork into a mouthwatering masterpiece.

This remarkable rub was meticulously crafted to ensure it harmonises with a wide range of pork cuts. Whether you’re grilling up succulent pork ribs, smoking a pork shoulder, or pan-searing tender pork chops, “Pork Privilege” has got you covered. Its spice blend not only imparts a rich and savoury flavour but also delivers a gentle kick that’s perfectly balanced with a subtle hint of heat, ensuring a delightful journey for your taste buds.

Picture this: your chosen pork cut, coated generously with “Pork Privilege,” sizzling and searing on the grill. The aroma alone will have your neighbours wondering what culinary magic you’re conjuring up. As the rub works its magic, the spices mingle with the meat, infusing it with irresistible flavour and depth.

So, whether you’re a seasoned pitmaster or a backyard barbecue enthusiast, “Pork Privilege” is your passport to pork perfection. Give in to the privilege of exceptional flavour and take your pork creations to the next level with this exceptional rub from BBQ Pit Boys and Angus & Oink. Your taste buds will thank you!


  • 230g Sealed Container / Shaker


Sugar, Salt, Paprika, Garlic Granules, Onion Granules, Cumin, Rosemary, Chilli Powder, Black Pepper, Oregano, Anti – Caking Agent: Silicoln Dioxide: E551


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