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Black Onyx Cool Climate Angus Short Ribs


Black Onyx Cool Climate Angus Short Ribs £73.21£76.39
Gluten Free
Gluten Free


Black Onyx Short Ribs are a premium cut of beef known for their exceptional marbling and rich flavour. Sourced from Black Angus cattle raised in the cool climate of the New England Tablelands by the renowned Rangers Valley, these short ribs are perfect for any cooking method, including slow braising, grilling, or smoking.

Imagine biting into a perfectly prepared piece of highly marbled beef, with its juicy and tender texture that only comes from the finest cool climate Black Angus. This is the essence of Black Onyx.

Celebrity chefs and commercial kitchens worldwide choose this magical Black Angus beef for its unparalleled quality. The deep, beefy flavour and melt-in-your-mouth texture make Black Onyx Short Ribs a standout choice for both everyday meals and special occasions, offering a luxurious taste that’s fit to dorn any table.




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