Brisket A4 Kagoshima Japanese Wagyu

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The holy grail of beef Brisket. Japanese Black Cattle, Wagyu of exceptional quality, raised on the tropical Kyushu Island in the Kagoshima prefecture, Southern Japan. The World class Kagoshima Wagyu beef we are cutting here is currently known for being the Winner of the “Wagyu Olympics”, the Best Beef in Japan. The plethora of soft, buttery, intricate marbling throughout each cut is quite simply extraordinary and nothing short of mesmerising. Renowned throughout the world for its sublime flavour and textures so uncompromising it verges on addictive! Some people only see more fat than beef and view this as waste… but that’s just the opinion, one that never enters the minds of knowledgeable connoisseurs of the finest meat in the world. Kagoshima Wagyu should be treated as an experience, handled with care, affection and respect. This beef takes years to produce the qualities we see here, it’s magical..


This is Kagoshima A4 graded Japanese Wagyu Brisket. We only imported a few of them to see if anyone fancied something very very different. We have both Point Ends and Flat Navel Ends available here, I would have preferred them to be whole Packers but it makes my eyes water at what the cost of those would be so I’m quite glad these are to the specification they do in Japan!

Personally, I cannot comment on the cooking of one myself quite yet, but at some point I will gladly partake in adding a little smoke and fire to one of these beauties!