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People have enjoyed our fabulous Dry Cured Bacon since we started the process nearly 20 years ago. During this time we’ve helped many create their own, by producing the correct cuts, advising on methods, how to overcome issues that may arise, how to smoke, slice and store. We’ve even handed out some of our dry cure to those who’ve not already bought something off the shelf.

On request from numerous customers we’ve produced 500g packs of our base dry cure that’s easily handled, stored and ideal for home use. From this, you can add a world of flavours, using fresh herbs and spices to create something completely bonkers or just simply fantastic.


How we do it..

It is very important that you always use a clean surface during the process of making bacon. Wear gloves and tidy as you go. You don’t want to be cross contaminating other foods with raw pork or curing salts.

1. Select your boneless piece of Pork – Weigh it and measure the thickest part.

2. Calculate the weight of curing salt required at 3% or 30g per Kg of meat.

3. Coat the pork with curing salt evenly, making sure you get into all the cavities.

4. Vacuum pack the meat and store in a refrigerator at 2-4°C

5. Calculate how long the curing process will take by multiplying at ONE Day per half inch of meat – taken from the thickest part, then add-on an extra TWO Days. Eg: 2.5 inches will take 5 days + 2 days = 7 Days. I like to flip the bacon daily to allow the cure to get around and help aid an even cure – especially if you’ve added extra herbs and spices.

6. Once cured, remove from the bag and wipe down with a clean cloth then allow to dry. Ideally you would hang it up in a cool place overnight or longer.

7. Your Bacon is now ready to slice.

8. If you are going to smoke your bacon, then just allow enough time for the pellicle to form after removing from bag. This is an almost a sticky, neither wet nor dry to touch feel to the meat. It’s not essential but does help the smoke to stick to the meat and could take 1-4 hours to form depending on air flow.

Adding extra flavours is a great way to experiment. Spice mixes work well too but beware of the salt contents within some premixes. Adding more salt to the cure could make the bacon inedible. Try sticking to fresh herbs and spices, mix them up and see what happens.

Note: Bacon freezes very well. Portion then wrap tightly or vacuum seal. Keep the bacons slices spread thinly for a quick easy thaw just when you need it most..

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Ingredients: Salt, Sugar, Preservatives (E250, E251), Antioxidant (E301)



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