Lamb Leg Butterflied



This is a fantastic way to cook Lamb, taking the leg and splitting it or butterflying in as it’s called then cooking over coals gives lovely flavour to the meat. At home we often use this when having a few guests as it goes a long way. Equally good when cooked hot and fast or low and slow but when sliced or pulled, slam it into flatbreads with salad, flavoured mayo, pine nuts and pickles and bingo! It’s a Winner every time.

The Lamb also takes well to yoghurt based marinades which help tenderise the meat while transferring the marinade flavours into the meat. This can be done prior to the cook day by leaving covered in the fridge overnight. We like to use fresh herbs with our marinade, predominantly Rosemary and Thyme with Garlic or drop the herbs and get a nice Baharat or Tandoori seasoning mixed up with the yoghurt and slap it on. It’s so good I’ve decided one of these will not make it onto the website today!