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Native Pure – Heritage Brisket


Native Pure - Heritage Brisket £57.05£97.80
Gluten Free
Gluten Free


This is our Native Pure branded Brisket option. These are British classics only, slow grown, grass fed mature beef with full on flavour.


Rare breed traditional heritage British beef is renowned for its exceptional quality and distinct characteristics, making it a prime choice for discerning meat connoisseurs. Raised with meticulous care and respect for tradition, the cattle breeds used for this new brand “Native Pure”, is limited to only specific breeds listed below, that offer unparalleled flavour, tenderness, and marbling.

The unique grazing methods and slow growth rate of these Native heritage breeds contribute to the development of rich, succulent meat. Their diets, often consisting of lush grasses and forage, impart a natural and robust taste, resulting in beef that is truly a gastronomic delight.

Furthermore, the superior genetics and breed-specific traits of rare heritage British beef contribute to its exceptional quality. The carefully preserved bloodlines and breeding practices ensure consistent excellence in flavour, texture, and overall eating experience.

Choosing rare breed traditional heritage British beef not only guarantees a memorable culinary adventure but also supports sustainable farming practices and the preservation of these cherished cattle breeds. It is a testament to the time-honoured traditions of British agriculture and a celebration of the unique flavours that can only be derived from these exceptional heritage breeds.

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