Pork Boston Butt


Specially Selected Scottish Pork

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There’s nothing to beat a long, slow cooked Shoulder of great quality Pork. This ‘Boston butt” is a cut shoulder where we remove the trickier parts you can’t be bothered dealing with once cooked. This leaves a fabulous cut “the Boston Butt” with mountains of delicious succulent meat that just falls off the internal bones left there to hold the whole piece together while cooking.

We do many Barbecues throughout the year where people are quite simply amazed at how beautiful Pork Shoulder can be when done right. Many have never tried REAL Pulled Pork before and with such, can’t wait to try it at home. It’s easy!


These Boston Butts are butchered to our very high standards by our exceptional team of professional butchers. Once cut, we pack and blast freeze them to hold in stock so we rarely run out even at the busiest of times.

The blast freezing process we apply does not affect the eating qualities of this product although waiting for the product to thaw however, may drive you up the wall!