Iberico Pork Spare Ribs

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When it comes to tasty Pork Ribs… they really don’t come any better than this!

Iberico Spare Ribs are absolutely fantastic!! There’s not really much else I can say about them other than… When we first saw them we thought there wasn’t that much meat about them. However, we’re used to chomping down hard on massively thick St Louis Ribs that get you stuffed in no time! Having worked with Iberico Pork for many years we kinda know how high the quality of meat is, so thought, let’s not knock them till we’ve tried them. We did… We cooked.. we poked, prodded, smoked and boy did we eat them… Wow just Wow! Turns out the meat to bone ratio isn’t too bad but there’s a it of nibbling to do and with the intense fat marbling throughout the meat is super succulent and extra tasty. They’re a bit of a new favourite!

For best results we find cooking to cookedness id sufficient. Just cook til they’re ready. The fear is over cooking will dry the thinner meat but with being thin it’s easily edible without a long slow cook. To appreciate the wonderful flavours of this meat keep the seasoning simple with just salt & pepper or your favourite SPG.

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