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Pork Gigot Roast


Boned & Rolled

Pork Gigot Roast £13.62£68.10
Gluten Free
Gluten Free


Introducing our Specially Selected Scottish Boned and Rolled Gigot of Pork—a true epitome of flavor and craft. Meticulously prepared from the finest Scottish Pork leg, this cut perfectly balances lean meat and natural fats, offering a harmonious taste. Easy to carve and versatile to cook, it promises a juicy, tender texture and if you know how to do it… amazing crispy crackling from the scored skin. Elevate your culinary creations with this premium, boneless Gigot of Pork, carefully sourced and expertly rolled for your delightful dining experiences.

Our Master Butchers have removed the bones and hand-tied this into a spectacular roast. Ideally suited for slow roasting in a low oven, you are guaranteed exceptionally mouth-watering tender pork every time.


  • Professionally De-boned, rolled & Hand Tied
  • Succulent Scottish Pork Leg
  • Easy to slice and serve
  • Cracking for Crackling

Product Supplied Frozen