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Tri Tip of Freygaard Choco Beef


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Gluten Free
Gluten Free


Introducing Freygaard Choco, a unique culinary experience that blends premium Finnish meat with a hint of indulgence. Raised in Finland’s pristine countryside, these heifers are carefully selected for their quality and raised with care.

What makes Freygaard Choco special is its innovative feeding approach. These heifers enjoy a diet that includes chocolate as part of their forage, imparting a subtle yet distinctive flavour to the meat.

After being raised in Finland, the animals are processed in Denmark, whilst ensuring precision and quality. The result? Tender, flavourful meat that’s hard to resist.

Freygaard Choco is not your ordinary meat—it’s a rare find. With only a limited number of farms breeding “CHOCOLATE HEIFERS” in Finland, each cut of Freygaard Choco is a unique treat. While efforts are underway to expand production, Freygaard Choco remains a niche delicacy appreciated by food enthusiasts everywhere. Try Freygaard Choco and experience a new twist on traditional flavors.

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