BBQ Sausage Taster Pack ~ Old Friends


6 Flavours and Over 3Kg of Sausage!! **SAVE OVER 20% with this Pack**

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BBQ Sausage Taster Pack ~ Old Friends
BBQ Sausage Taster Pack ~ Old Friends £34.00
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Gluten Free
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BBQ Sausage ~ taster packs. Whether you’re a newbie to the barbecue scene or a fully-fledged grungy hot smoking, beer drinking Pit Boss champion this selection of our hand-made seriously chunky sausages are an absolute god send…

We cook these sausages on a very regular basis with our preference being hot smoked over dying lump-wood embers and nice smouldering chuck of fruit wood. Of-course there are many different woods you can use that infuse different flavours to the sausage, just use what you know is good and stay away from the broken pallets!

Sliced diagonally and served as finger food along with a light beverage of your choice is such a great way to enjoy sausage while appreciating the wonderful deep flavours across the range. Equally, slam them slices into a soft Taco loaded out with pickles, slaw, salad and your favourite hot sauce for the win!


Our “Old Friends” Sausage Taster Pack contains the following amazing mix of proper old school smoking sausages:

500g Mr Rubba Rubba sausages made with freshly blended spices & herbs from Angus & Oink added to Pork, Chicken, Pickled Jalapenos and Cheese. Amazing!

500g The General Hotlink. Probably the best hotlink in the UK at the moment these are amazing smoked and go surprisingly well with a glass of Champagne!

500g El Gordito – Argentinian Chorizo Sausage. Again our hand-blended spices are used to create these authentic meat laden sausages bursting with paprika and garlic.

500g Kielbasa – This is a true Polish recipe, full of chunky hand diced pork and our own blend of herbs & spices, made to an ancient recipe and widely recognised across the globe as the superior sausage for smoking and barbecue.

500g Andouille – Cajun Style Sausage. Full of chunky Pork, a robust menu of spices & herbs and bell peppers – These are official 2018 BBQ Champion Sausages!

500g Farmhouse Sausage – Hand-made with our own superb Hampshire Pork and our own subtle blend of spices & herbs – another Award Winning Sausage that suits everyone.

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