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Freygaard Nordic Nature Ex Dairy Cow Prime Rib Steak


Freygaard Nordic Nature Ex Dairy Cow Prime Rib Steak £36.29£45.70
Gluten Free
Gluten Free


From Freygaard Finland we have the Nordic Nature Ex Dairy Cow Prime Rib Steak. Supplied by one of the most widely recognised Steak Producers in the World I knew this beef was going to be good. Having now tried it – I can happily confirm without any shadow of a doubt this beef is exceptional.

John Sashi Nielsen from Denmark is renowned across the globe for procuring some of the finest beef in the world. These particular Steaks from the Freygaard ~ Nordic Nature brand Ex Dairy Cow range are special with such accolades as Triple winners of the Internationally Acclaimed World Steak Challenge title of Worlds Best Steak, these steaks command respect and are a testament to the quality the brand is known for.



It was a great moment when this meat arrived and after a bit of inspection we knew there was little required to make it outstanding. The meat has now aged aged in our Himalayan Salt ageing chamber just to finish the ageing process of this wonderful meat and get it into the perfection condition it respectfully deserves.

Product Supplied Frozen


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