Mega Rack of Pork Ribs

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Unsure about the difference between Pork Belly and Ribs? Well, this is a fusion of both. Essentially, when we transform a Pork Belly into a St Louis-style rack of Ribs, we make cuts like this and then remove the Belly Meat from the top. With these hefty cuts, we’ve kept the Belly meat intact to create Mega Pork Ribs!

Personally, I adore these ribs when they’re kept with the skin on, allowing for that delightful crackling. However, if I’m aiming to infuse them with flavor, then these skinless racks are ideal. Simply score through the fat to your desired depth, enabling excellent flavor absorption, optimal fat rendering, and the development of a wonderfully addictive bark.


WARNING!! These are BIG slabs of meat!

  • To get attain the firmness, weight and fat content required to make these the excellent Barbecue product we’re looking for, the Pork will primarily be sourced from European Producers.

Product Supplied Frozen


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