Veal Baby Back Ribs ~ Italian White Veal


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Well these are different! Baby Back Ribs from the finest Italian White Veal. Thought best to give them a go and see what they’re like. OK so they’re not all very meaty but they’re as they’re meant to be so we’ll give them a whirl. I guess they’re not meant to be cooked like Short Ribs or Pork Ribs so a google search for an authentic recipe might be in order!

We were planning to sell these as single racks but having opened a couple of packs we thought best to just sell them as they are so there’s a mix of some meatier than others in each pack. Sold as purchased, 5 racks per pack and it’s possible to partially thaw and pull apart if required so some can be put back in the freezer for another day.


Our suppliers at Gruppo Vercelli take great pride in what they produce. Not only is this evident in the quality of the meat they produce, it is documented right back to the farms where animal welfare is recognised as one of the most important factors of production alongside diet plans and vaccine management to process this world leading product to the highest global industry standards.