Pork Ribs ~ UK St Louis

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These are a BIG, MEATY take on the EU St Louis Spare Ribs we sell. However, these ones are from UK produce and butchered onsite. Unlike some others we see online, these are well trimmed of the thick belly meat on the top of the ribs and the inner skirts being removed to leave a product equivalent to that of the EU St Louis type ribs but the knowledge that they’re from UK Pigs. We purchase whole pigs and bellies for these ribs from a number of sources with a high percentage coming from local Scottish producers. We do have some great pork in this fine country!

  • NOTE: These Ribs are blast frozen to lock in the freshness, flavour and juiciness you will be expecting. This does not affect the quality in any way and we know, as we use these all the time.



Product Supplied Frozen