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Sirloin Steak Miguel Vergara


Sirloin Steak Miguel Vergara
Sirloin Steak Miguel Vergara £22.80£29.64
Gluten Free
Gluten Free


When it comes to good steaks these are going to take a bit of beating. This is the finest of Spanish Angus beef from Miguel Vergara, one of our classic suppliers who are committed to quality in every aspect of production. These Sirloins here are derived from the large roasts we bring in that are then matured in our Himalayan Dry Ageing chamber until reaching their prime condition in around 6 weeks.

It takes time to produce beef as good as this and takes time to be handled, matured and butchered to the to the highest standards it deserves. There is no doubt this Angus beef is of exceptional quality, full flavoured, juicy and tender.

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