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Australian Westholme Wagyu Tri Tip BMS 8-9


Australian Westholme Wagyu Tri Tip BMS 8-9 £86.40£100.80
Gluten Free
Gluten Free


I’m loving these Westholme Wagyu Tri Tips. All Tri Tips are an all-round family favourite in our home so to take one these amazing pieces home is a real treat that we know everyone will enjoy immensely on a special occasion.

When it comes to Wagyu there are many brand throughout the world. One of the finest we’ve come across that continues to deliver an exception eating experience every time is the Australian brand of Westholme Wagyu. Specialists in Wagyu, Westholme is now extensively known and recognised around the world for its quality. Rarely seen in the UK, we’ve got to great lengths to source small quantities of this beef to allow you the chance to try it for yourself.


These Wagyu Tri Tips have an incredible Beef Marbling Score (BMS) 8-9, sitting high up there as some of the highest grades ever produced. Soft, juicy and incredibly flavoursome these are not only Big… they’re Beautiful too.

Product Supplied Frozen