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Jacks Creek F1 Wagyu Navel Brisket


Jacks Creek F1 Wagyu Navel Brisket £49.50£203.50 £34.65£142.45
Gluten Free
Gluten Free


We’re big fans of the Jacks Creek beef here so when we came across these F1 Wagyu Navel End Briskets I thought we should just give these a try. As you can see, there’s some beautiful marbling through the muscles, the meat is soft and tender with lovely flavour. Personally, I’ve found some F1 Wagyu cross beef to be more flavoursome than that of higher classes – this being one, but this is certainly not a rule of thumb.

Now the Navel End Brisket – well it’s almost not Brisket, it’s more than Brisket as it’s been squared off far up the navel end. However, although the cuts are a bit flappy and have a hell of a fat about them, this is compensated within the price. After a good trim of the loose stuff and thinning of the fat you’ll have a fatty rich cut that will render well. It won’t be like your normal Briskets but it will be a super flavoursome experience.

Remember not to discard the trimmings as these can be rendered down alongside the Brisket to produce tallow – and if you like fatty Brisket, you’ll love tallow!


The Red label Jacks Creek Wagyu x is as it says, Wagyu crossbred with high quality Black Angus beef to bring the best of both breeds together into one superior package. This is very high quality beef that’s been finished for 400 days on highly nutritious grain based diet that encourages the wonderful marbling.

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